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Here at Angela's Hideaway we want you to experience optimum levels of relaxation and wellness. 

Benefits of our Spa

Salt used within our sauna can have many benefits to the air that is inhaled whilst in the sauna.

Including salt to your sauna experience has been known to help with respiratory conditions such as:


COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder)



Chronic Bronchitis

Hay Fever

Sleep & Snoring


Essential oils can also be used which help keep the sauna sterile and help to alter moods and physiological wellbeing and also have a nice aroma.


Bucket Shower

Being immersed with cold water after leaving the sauna can improve blood flow which some believe creates the feeling of rejuvenation. It also elevates heart rate, adrenalin and the release of endorphins. The shock of the cold water can activate shock protein's in the body which can aid weight loss.



For any enquiries on our Spa packages please send us an email to or call on +447462240061

Angela's Hideaway

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